Meet the Offices

Sexual and relationship violence prevention and response efforts on campus are led by multiple offices and departments across campus. Below are the offices’ information.

The Barnes Center at The Arch, Counseling (Confidential Resource)

Includes the Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team

Contact: 315.443.8000 (24/7)
Location: 150 Sims Drive, Suite 302
Services provided: mental health services, including individual counseling, group counseling and support.

The Barnes Center at The Arch, Healthcare (Confidential Resource)

Contact: 315.443.8000 (24/7)
Location: 150 Sims Drive, Suite 201
Services provided: Healthcare services such as physical examinations, STI testing, emergency contraceptives and other healthcare needs.

The Barnes Center at The Arch, Health Promotion (Private Resource)

Contact: 315.443.7273 or
Location: 150 Sims Drive, Suite 104
Services provided: Coordination of the Peer Educators Encouraging Healthy Relationships and Sexuality, undergraduate student orientation community wellness requirements, Culture of Respect Campus Collective, Take Back The Night and the Clothesline Project.

Campus Safety and Emergency Services (Private Resource)

Contact: 315.443.2224 (emergency line)
Location: 130 College Place, 005 Sims Hall
Services provided: Clery Reporting and Annual Security Report, responding to emergency calls, liaising with Syracuse Police Department, Rave Guardian safety application, Orange Alerts.

Dean of Students (Private Resource)

Contact: 315.443.4357(HELP) or
Location: 310 Steele Hall
Services provided: Case management in relation to support services, procedural advisement

Equal Opportunities, Inclusion, & Resolution Services or the Title IX Office (Private Resource)

Contact: 315.443.0211 or
Location: Steele Hall 005
Services provided: Informal or formal reporting, Title IX violation investigations, sexual and relationship violence and sexual misconduct, training and educational workshops.

Hendricks Chapel (Confidential Resource)

Contact: 315.443.2901 or (Please do not email confidential information). If you would like to speak with a chaplain, visit the website linked above to get specific contact information for one of the nine chaplaincies.
Location: Hendricks Chapel
Services provided: faith-based counseling and grief resources 

Office of Community Standards (Private Resource)

Contact: 315.443.3728 or online contact form
Location: 804 University Ave #106
Services provided: Oversee sexual and relationship violence conduct processes, manage community wellness requirement holds, training university conduct officers.

Office of the University Ombuds (Confidential Resource for Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students)

Contact: 315.443.1087 or
Location: 111 Waverly Ave., Suite 215
Services provided: For more information about services, visit the Ombuds Services page.