Confidential Resources

The following individuals are neither required nor permitted to provide any information regarding an incident of sexual assault or relationship violence to any outside party without the consent of the student involved in the incident. More specifically, these individuals will not provide any information about a reported incident of sexual assault or relationship violence to the Syracuse University Title IX Coordinator or any law enforcement agency without the student’s permission.

Please note, all other Syracuse University staff or faculty not listed below are Responsible Employees, and must disclose all information related to discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct to Student Title IX Case Management. To learn more about the difference between confidential resources and private resources, please visit our Confidentiality Versus Privacy page.

On-Campus Resources

Barnes Center Counseling and Sexual and Relationship Violence Response (SRVR) Team

Available 24/7 by calling 315-443-8000. The SRVR team consists of members of the Counseling staff who are trained and have experience supporting survivors of sexual and relationship violence. Counseling staff members are a privileged resource and are not required to report any information, unless immediate danger is a concern. Members of Counseling staff and the SRVR team can assist by providing support in the following ways: 

  • Accompany a student to the Department of Public Safety should the student decide to report the incident
  • Review supportive measures such as obtaining no-contact orders, change of housing or course load/class schedule requests, and short- or long-term leaves of absence
  • Connect with support groups for survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence
  • Coordinate with other offices and services
  • Consult with members of the University community regarding ways to support individuals who have been impacted by sexual or relationship violence
  • Facilitate medical evaluation and evidence collection as needed and/or desired
  • Help in safety planning
  • Provide emotional and psychological support
  • Provide trauma informed counseling
  • Review legal and procedural information regarding reporting options to the university and/or law enforcement

Barnes Center at The Arch, Healthcare

Available by calling 315-443-8000.  Members of the Barnes Center Health team can assist by providing the following services and support: 

  • Sexual health and physical exams and providing STI testing treatments, prophylaxis, and emergency contraceptives. ** Of note, Barnes Center Health providers do not collect evidence for reporting. This can be done within 96 hours by the sexual assault nurse examiner at a Syracuse area hospital.
  • Coordinate with other offices and services
  • Provide referral to SRVR Team and Barnes Center Counseling

Hendricks Chapel Chaplains

Available by calling 315-443-2901. Chaplains from various faiths and spiritual backgrounds are available to provide supportive services including: 

  • Faith-based Counseling
  • Coordinating with other offices and services
  • Providing referrals to SRVR Team and Barnes Center Counseling
  • Community Resources

Off-Campus Resources

Vera House 

Available by calling 315-468-3260. Members of the Vera House team are trained to provide support and advocacy services to survivors of sexual and relationship violence. Vera House staff provide the following services: 

  • Counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Legal
  • Shelter
  • Review and support around the reporting process