Resources for Respondents

If you have concerns as a respondent involved in a sexual misconduct case, there are resources available to you for support. We want you to know your rights and options, and ensure you have access to supports during this time. 

  • Respondents may have questions regarding Title IX Regulations and Processes. You may have received a letter notifying you of an investigation, or requesting your participation in a Title IX process. You can connect with Student Title IX Case Management at 315.443.0211 or to talk through any specific questions or concerns related to your Title IX case. 
  • Being involved in a Title IX process can be stressful, and it may impact your well-being and/or ability to focus on school. Respondents that may have additional support needs like access to academic support, concerns navigating a No Contact Order, or help getting connected to other support resources such as mental health support can reach out to the Student Outreach & Support at 315.443.4357 or for assistance. 
  • You also have access to confidential mental health support through Barnes Center at The Arch, Counseling at 315.443.8000 to help process through the situation, and get the additional support you need.
  • Respondents have the right to obtain legal counsel for any Title IX related process. Respondents will have access to a case manager in Student Outreach & Support that can provide procedural guidance and support to students going through the Title IX process. Case managers are not able to provide any legal counsel. Support provided by a case manager includes help understanding procedures, attending meetings with students for support, and assisting with supportive measures such as academic support and connections to resources. Respondents going through a formal Title IX hearing will have access to a legal adviser to assist you throughout the hearing process provided by the University.