Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships are rooted in equality and shared power. Although relationships might look different  below are some qualities that foster healthy relationships. 

  • Equality: Power in the relationship is shared because those in the relationship make decisions together, compromise and find solutions together. All individuals in the relationship are valued and taken into account and are comfortable with the relationship and decisions that are being made and everyone is putting in balanced effort to the success of the relationship.
  • Respect: Those in the relationship have high regard for one another, care about one another, and show this caring by valuing their opinions, differences, similarities and more. 
  • Open communication: Having dialogue and conversations in a timely, truthful manner This does not mean always agreeing with one another, but instead focuses on having respectful dialogue, hearing one another’s perspectives, and openly discussing conflicts that arise. 
  • Trust: Having confidence in your relationships allows sharing intimate secrets, being emotionally vulnerable, feeling physically and emotionally safe. Trusting that there is no intentional harm to one another, damages the relationship and that if mistakes are made then personal accountability is taken.
  • Honesty: Being able to be truthful with one another and to share your authentic self. 
  • Being supportive: Being caring and empathetic to one another, showing kindness and understanding, and encouraging one another’s feelings, hopes and goals. 
  • Independent interests: Accepting one another’s individual identities and giving space for one another to have separate time, foster their own hobbies, interests and friendships

Remember that healthy relationships are not perfect relationships, but they are centered in the above characteristics.