As defined under New York State Criminal Law, stalking is intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, engaging in a course of conduct directed at a person knowing (or should reasonably know) that such conduct is likely to cause reasonable fear of material harm, or does cause substantial harm to the other person or that person’s family or another party of their acquaintance. This includes cyberstalking—using technology to stalk another person.

  • Stalking may involve behaviors such as repeated unwanted contacts (phone calls, emails, or text messages), monitoring of movements, or regularly following an individual across campus.
  • A stalker may be someone the victim knows well or not at all.
  • About 75 percent of cases of stalking involve men stalking women, however stalking occurs between people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.
  • Stalking behavior patterns are similar to those seen in many relationship violence situations. The pattern is usually triggered when the stalker’s advances toward a victim are rejected and the stalker is unwilling or unable to accept that rejection.

The Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team (SRVR) and staff therapists at Barnes Center Counseling provide privileged and confidential support and counseling for students who have experienced relationship violence. Our staff will discuss safety planning, patterns of abuse, provide emotional support, and discuss reporting options.

Should a student impacted by relationship violence choose to file a formal complaint with the university, SRVR and counseling team will work with the Dean of Students staff to provide support and advocacy to the reporting student throughout the entire process. The decision to seek medical care or report an incident lies with the person who has experienced stalking or relationship violence.

Students who desire to file a report about incidents of relationship violence can do so through the following resources:

  • Department of Public Safety, 005 Sims Hall, 315.443.2224
  •  Title IX Coordinator, 005 Steele Hall, 315.443.0211
  • Syracuse Police Department,  511 South State Street, 315.435.3016