Syracuse University has several different reporting options available for sexual and relationship violence. It is important to note that the individual reporting the incident is in control of what option(s) they would like to pursue. 

It is the student’s decision whether or not to report any incidents of sexual and relationship violence, and which reporting options they choose to utilize. As a student, if you are impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment or stalking and choose to disclose such behavior, you have the right to make a report to law enforcement or choose not to report. You also have the right to report the incident to Syracuse University; to be protected by Syracuse University from retaliation for reporting an incident; and to receive assistance and resources from Syracuse University.

Students have the option to pursue a criminal complaint with a law enforcement agency, pursue a formal complaint through the University Conduct process, pursue both processes consecutively or pursue neither option. In cases involving alleged criminal conduct, the Department of Public Safety will assist a victim in making a criminal complaint if desired. Any criminal complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Any student who initially decides to maintain confidentiality and not report the incident may later decide to pursue a complaint with the University or report the incident to local law enforcement.

If you are looking to learn more about reporting or would like to report an incident of sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment or stalking against a student, contact the Student Title IX Office at 315.443.0211 or The office is located at 005 Steele Hall. You can also submit the Formal Complaint Form for Reporting Sexual Harassment (Student).

If you are looking to file a complaint against staff or faculty, please use Formal Complaint Form for Reporting Sexual Harassment (Staff/Faculty) to report an incident or contact Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services (EOIRS) at 315.443.4018 or

If you are seeking confidential consultation support, call the Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team at the Barnes Center,  available 24/7 at 315.443.8000 and follow the message prompts. 

Additional reporting options include: