Speak About It

It is important that all of our campus community members are educated on sexual and relationship violence and the resources available on campus. For this reason. all incoming students complete Speak About It as one of the ways to equip themselves with a baseline knowledge about consent, healthy relationships, sexual and relationship violence and campus resources. 

Speak About It is a 90 minute performance-based presentation that includes thought-provoking and sometimes humorous skits and monologues, all based on true accounts, dealing with sexual consent, assault, misconduct, and bystander intervention. The program also introduces students to the many resources at the University. Each incoming SU undergraduate student will attend this session with their residencehHalls. This is part of the Community Wellness Requirements that new, incoming undergraduate students complete. 

Speak About It provides students with an in person opportunity to learn more about this important topic and is generally held during the weekend of welcome. Due to the content of this performance, we recognize that it may be uncomfortable for some students to view in a larger setting. Because of this, a couple of alternative spaces are offered for students to view the performance in a smaller setting and separated by the gender with which they identify.

This information is not only critical as a new, incoming student, but it also helps to fulfill Enough is Enough regulations as well. Students that do not attend Speak About It as part of the Community Wellness Requirements will receive a Conduct Hold, losing the ability to complete class registration, view class schedule, confirm housing assignment, the ability to participate in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, studying abroad and more.

If you have questions or concerns about Speak About It, contact the Health Promotion team in the Barnes Center at The Arch at communitywellness@syr.edu or 315.443.7273. Check out this video for more information on Speak About It.