All incoming undergraduate, graduate, professional, part-time, non-traditional students, and those involved in club sports are required to complete the Vector online training module on sexual and relationship violence. These online modules cover a wide array of information including campus policy, how to identify sexual harassment, stalking, relationship and sexual violence, campus resources and more. There are several versions of the Vector Sexual Assault Prevention training, including a version that is specific to undergraduate students, graduate students, adult learners, and one that is more specific to athletes and club sports. 

Who completes Vector Sexual Assault Prevention modules?

  • First year, undergraduate students as part of their Community Wellness Requirements. 
  • First year, graduate students
  • First year, part-time students
  • Students involved in club sports 

What information does Vector Sexual Assault Prevention cover?

  • Values and Relationships – Encourages students to reflect on their experiences and provides strategies they can use to intervene if they think a friend is being abused.
  • Sexual Harassment – Teaches students about sexual harassment, assault, and stalking and gives students the  opportunity to practice intervention techniques.
  • Consent and Coercion – Explains the differences between consent and coercion, and explores the effect that alcohol has on an individual’s ability to consent.
  • Reporting and Responding to Survivors – Provides guidance on how to respond with empathy including resources and strategies, for students that have experienced relationship abuse, violence, or stalking.

This information is not only critical as a new, student and campus member, but it also helps to fulfill Enough is Enough regulations. Students who fail to complete these requirements will receive a hold on their account that can limit their ability to register for classes, view class schedule, confirm housing assignment, the ability to participate in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, studying abroad and more. 

How do I complete the Vector Sexual Assault Prevention course?

Once you have received an initial invitation to complete the course, you may access and complete it using the instructions below:


Note: there is a different timeline of completion required depending on whether you are a new undergraduate, graduate, part time student, or club sports member.